Theater School "Obraz"

Welcome to Theater-School "Obraz" ("Obraz" means "Image"). "Obraz" is unique drama school in Russia, which works on Mikhail Chekhov's system of acting training. 
Michael Chekhov is a nephew of Great Russian playwright Anton Chekhov. Chekhov was considered by Constantin Stanislavski to be one of his brightest students. In the late 1920s, Chekhov emigrated to the United States and set up his own studio, teaching a physical and imagination based system of acting training. He advocated the establishing of scenes' atmospheres in order to create the tones of the play, from which the actor could then draw personal inspiration. His acting technique used by almost all actors in Hollywood.
Theatre "Obraz" appeared in 1995. 12 performances had been played during 6 years and considerable quantity of creative experiments took place. As in our theatre we got not only professional actors, but also dilettantes, we have developed the accurate program of operative preparation of actors-dilettantes to scenic work on M. Chekhov's system.
In 2001 we had an idea to create courses of acting training, in program of which we could realize all creative experience that we have stored during 6 years. Theatre "Obraz" has been transformed to Theatre-School "Obraz" and our basic creative offers appeared: and Express training (subject "Psychotechnician"), which has allocated from the program of Theatrical courses in to separate training, for those, who would like to study .
We conditionally can divide students of our school into two groups. First one is the people, who make in our school their first steps on a big scene. This people regard theater, dramatics as a future profession. Taking up these courses they decide for themselves: whether they correctly understand what dramatics is and how much they intended for being a professional actor. 
Second group is bigger, than the first one. This people come to our school not to learn how to play on scene, but to learn how to play in life, remembering famous Shakespeare's citation "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players:" This is the philosophy of our school. Students acquire skills, which allow them to feel themselves more comfortable in all live circumstance, to solve their problems in more easer way, to act more effectively in achieving their aims.  
Full course of training including practice is 9 months. It divided into 3 cycles; each cycle lasts 3 months, 2 times a week (27 lesions). Every month our students sum up what they have learned on our master classes by performing in the atmosphere of real stage (a scene, an auditorium, light, music). Students stage high-grade performance in the end of the third cycle. This performance is shown 3-4 times on a professional scene of one of the Moscow theatres. Students receive real experience.
In our school we also a have a club system for those students, who would like to stay with school after passage of the whole program. It means they have further rehearsals, shows, performances - endless creative process in company of easy, joyful, "playing" people.
Under the brand "Obraz" you can also find courses of dramatics for the businessman, center of speech culture, dance school, casting agency (which works with film and advertising companies), video studio, school of art and performance studio. In performance studio the best students start to take part in different commercial shows.